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This is an utterly original mélange of all the music we have enjoyed for around 80 is also compelling as all getout.
— Blues Matters, UK
Credit Long Tall Deb and Colin John for forging their own unique sound. It’s refreshing and captivating
— Jim Hynes, Elmore Magazine
This twangy masterpiece is most interesting and has a strong presence, much like the material Quentin Tarantino handpicks for his films. It’s a brilliant song indeed
— Phillip Smith, PhillyCheeze Review
...An intoxicating mix of styles that would make Page and Plant jealous...dark mysterious and adventurous.
— Jim Kereiff, The Rock Doctor
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(Long Tall Deb and Colin John) have made an inspired album with “Dragonfly”. Blues, surf guitar, Americana: it’s all there and it’s great!
— Bill Hall, Veteran DJ
Colin John, the fretboard worrier from Hawaii possesses jaw-dropping skill displayed by his command of quality blues, filthy funk and soul featuring the sort of plank-spanking heroics that Hendrix would have made if he joined a surf band.
— Dorset Echo (UK)
Long Tall Deb made the stage her own with a devil-may-care stage presence and a voice that sounded like Koko Taylor
— Lynn Saxberg, Ottawa Citizen (Canada)
...and then Long Tall Deb starts to sing. All guests are under her spell: a tremendous voice
— Samuel Schumacher, Kathmandu Post (nepal)
Deb has a one in a million voice and excellent instincts as a performer.
— John Burnett, Hawai'i Tribune Herald
This is what Jimi Hendrix might have sounded like had be abandoned the rat race, moved to Hawai’i, taken up surfing and let the sun and waves bestow their laid-back highs.
— Michael Molenda, Guitar Player Magazine