Long Tall Deb is the illegitimate love child of Al Green and Gladys Knight
— Chris Butler, Producer/Musician (The Waitresses)
(Long Tall Deb and Colin John) have made an inspired album with “Dragonfly”. Blues, surf guitar, Americana: it’s all there and it’s great!
— Bill Hall, Veteran DJ
Colin John, the fretboard worrier from Hawaii possesses jaw-dropping skill displayed by his command of quality blues, filthy funk and soul featuring the sort of plank-spanking heroics that Hendrix would have made if he joined a surf band.
— Dorset Echo (UK)
Long Tall Deb made the stage her own with a devil-may-care stage presence and a voice that sounded like Koko Taylor
— Lynn Saxberg, Ottawa Citizen (Canada)
...and then Long Tall Deb starts to sing. All guests are under her spell: a tremendous voice
— Samuel Schumacher, Kathmandu Post (nepal)